Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Most Reckless and Greedy CEOs on Earth

The CEOs of several oil companies have decided to drill in the Arctic as if the risks of drilling in the oceans were not enough.  So, we have a question:
Are the oil company's CEOs the most reckless and greedy on planet Earth, willing to destroy the reputation of their companies with a single major accident and even bring them to bankruptcy at the drop of a hat?  
Or, is our hunger for oil so extreme that we have pushed them to those remote, dangerous, and frail locations because that is all that is left?
Whether we like it or not, the correct answer is the second one.  
Greenpeace goes to "heroic" extremes to try to prevent drilling for oil in the Arctic but they, as well as the rest of humanity, are strongly encouraging those projects by our behavior.
So, if we want to see eye to eye the persons really responsible for the drilling of the Arctic we only need to go to a mirror.  
Yes, we may be appalled and indignant by what is now going on in the Arctic but it happens that our money speaks MUCH louder than our feelings or words.
If we do want the drilling of the Arctic to stop then we need to drastically curtail our petroleum products consumption.
Anybody is game?

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