Sunday, June 03, 2012

Dose of Reality

All decisions have advantages, disadvantages and consequences.

The only thing that is important is to face reality and not try to hide behind wishful thinking.

For example, Japan: they decided to shut down all their nuclear plants (at least for the moment) and that is OK.  What is NOT acceptable is to say that they will replace nuclear with “renewable energy”.  That is just not possible.  Period. End of story.  Elvis has left the room.

Here is the real data from the real world of the real consequences of shutting down nuclear plants:

And again, it is OK, each country has to make their own decisions, but everybody needs to know the consequences.  In the case of Japan, they are:

a.      Increases in CO2 emissions.
b.      Electricity will be more expensive.
c.      The balance of payments of the country will be affected.
d.      Japan will be even more dependent on ever more scarce (or at least more expensive) fuels.
e.      Additional capital investments will be required.
f.       The energetic security of the country will be at greater risk of global happenings.

If all the above compensates for the “peace of mind” of politicians and other people, then it is OK.  But things have to be put out in the open.

P.S.  and the ONLY reason Germany will not go EXACTLY down the same road as Japan is that France is its immediate neighbor and it will certainly be willing to sell them more nuclear electricity.  ;-)

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