Thursday, January 24, 2013

Too Much Innovation

Unless the name of your CEO is Steve Jobs or Edwin Land, there IS such thing as too much innovation.  When a company tries to change too many things at the same time and is not led by a genius CEO that is deeply involved in the most minute technical and marketing details, the endeavor will almost certainly have unpleasant consequences.

Since Jobs and Land were arguably unique in the history of modern capitalism, no other company should embark in daredevil innovation pursuits.

What is the antidote to endangering a company (and even the general public) by engaging in "excessive" innovation?

Answer: reading and internalizing the book Great by Choice authored by Jim Collins.

At the end of the day, "excessive" innovation is really nothing more than excessive ego, and if there is not a real genius leading the effort, it would almost certainly end in disappointment if not something worse.

Conclusion: tame your ego and read Collins' book.

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