Friday, January 18, 2013

Is Nuclear the Viable Option?

It is amazing, no, actually unbelievable that we are still discussing this subject. If global warming is NOT a HOAX, then we need nuclear. Period. End of story. Elvis has left the room. 

"Renewables" are, and will continue to be, niche energy sources. Why? Because they are not constant or reliable. Sometimes we have wind (or sun) and sometimes we do not. In other words, "renewables" are NOT base energy and civilization requires truckloads of base load energy. 

Technically we can store this energy but economically the costs would be outrageous. And hydro, by the way has pretty much maxed. In the USA it is actually declining. So, let's stop kidding ourselves once and for all: we NEED nuclear. 

Is nuclear dangerous? Yes it is, BUT not more than other energy sources. Arguably, the most dangerous energy sources by far are fossil fuels: they can bring the planet to the tipping point and bring down civilization, and even our species, with it. 

The main issue with nuclear is NOT its safety, but its upfront investment. We need an era of innovation in nuclear to make it more cost effective (thorium?). We also need to build the reactors like we now build the Boeings and the Airbuses: standardized designs produced in an assembly line fashion. 

Let's leave feelings aside and prepare for the moment when we will HAVE to drastically curtail our fossil fuel use. Of the low carbon emitting technologies, only NUCLEAR is ready for prime time. We cannot continue losing time discussing a moot point. We need to drive ahead, full steam, to a nuclear future.

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